Our business of real estate brokers is governed by the following articles of the Civil Code:


► art. 1176 - diligence in fulfillment;

► art. 1755 - commission;

► art. 1754 - business broker;

► art. 1758 - plurality of business brokers;

► art. 1756 - expenses refund;

► art. 2645 BIS - transcription of preliminary contracts

► art. 1757 - commission in conditional or invalid contracts

► art. 1759 - responsibility of the broker



Shown below a list of Decree Laws that govern our work, for further transparency and guarantee to our customers.

Please note that each decree can be found by clicking the link above.


Download - Legge nr. 39/1989

Download - Decreto Ministeriale nr. 452/90

Download - Decreto Legislativo nr. 122/2005

Download - Raccolta Provinciale degli Usi (1990-1995) della Camera di Commercio di Venezia

Download - Dichiarazione dei Redditi per i residenti all'estero (edizione settembre 2009)

Download - Ristrutturazioni Edilizie: le agevolazioni fiscali (edizione maggio 2008)

Download - Agevolazioni fiscali per la famiglia (edizione aprile 2008)




The experience and competence, gained over 40 years of activity always at the top of the industry, enables us to provide and offer our customers a wide range of services:

► free valuation of property

► advice about how value the capital or invest in other solutions

► give assistance to sales practices

► give assistance to rent out property 


Our agency is associated FIAP Venezia.



Leasing a private

Buy Your beach house with "LEASING A PRIVATE" and pay in installments customized!

Key benefits for the buyer:

► Expenses header (VAT or tax registration) are included in financing

► Cost savings the 2% substitute tax

► Cost savings the legal fees of the mortgage

► Possibility to pay in installments up to a maximum of 18 years

► Possibility to transfer the lease with the sole registration tax of 2% (instead of 10% payable in the event of sale)